Experience the ADR Mortgage Difference

Licensed. Professional. Honest.

Unlike banks that employ hundreds of unlicensed individuals, we can help you with your loan questions. We don't have layers of people that don't know what they are doing.

In addition to honest service, we also offer extremely competitive rates. We deliver loans to the same place that all banks do - the federal government; Only we deliver the loans with a lot less overhead. Nearly 100% of all loans under $417,000 (above is jumbo) are government loans. We are able to handle nearly all types of loans (small balance loans, un-capped Helocs, and remodeling loans we are not licensed to do).

So, while you are thinking about your questions for your adrmortgage.com loan officer, remember, we care and we work 7 days a week to make sure that you are happy with the service you get. From all of us at American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC, we are ecstatic that you are interested in our company. Call us today at 919-779-3379

ADR has received many awards and recognitions. The Better Business Bureau recognizes American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC as an A+ company. This is from 2005 through 2015. We have NEVER had a BBB complaint.

Our number one business lending partner has recognized American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC as a Top 1% provider of residential mortgages among all 3,000 lenders for 2007 through 2009.

ADR is a Green Company that benefits from reduced overhead, no branch operations, and an all electronic platform. This results in a substantially lower cost structure, one that we pass on to our clients.

ADR is one of the fastest growing mortgage brokers in North Carolina. We grew over 150% from 2008 to 2009 calendar years. We grew 110% from 2010 through the first half of 2011.


With 0 BBB complaints, and over $100,000,000 in fundings ever to date, ADR has grown to be your hometown mortgage broker and correspondent lender. We have 3 people that follow your loan through to closing (the processor, the loan officer, and a client service rep). We send out a weekly status report on your personal status for your loan. At most banks you can't get in touch with anyone.


We are a virtual company with a few office locations that total approximately $750 a month in rent. Try that at a bank with 5,000 offices that you have to pay for. There are no $100 million paychecks here. We keep our overhead down so we can pass to you the value of a great rate with outstanding service. We are TARP free (remember the $1 trillion or so that the banks took from us?).


We are all accredited and required to stay that way. Banks have no regulatory requirement to educate their employees (only an age requirement that the person be 18). In fact banks are typically regulated by the Federal Government....that means there's really no one to complain to when the bank makes their mistake. Check out their BBB record, one bank we checked had 1,114 current complaints. Also, a NMLS number is no guarantee you are working with a licensed professional. At a bank, that just ensures the person you are working with is indeed, 18 years old.


"When I called American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC, I was in a moving truck on my way to Raleigh. My sister, a bank loan officer, couldn't get my loan done. I called ADR and they closed my loan within a week. Thank you ADR." - Dan M., Raleigh

Green Services.

Paperless Environment. Refinancing your current mortgage has never been easier. We can have the docs on your desk within 1 minute of application. We can have those documents signed within another minute. We can have your loan into underwriting the same day. We've saved over 365,000 pages of paper by not wasting your time fed-xing packages around the country. We want you to be as happy with your mortgage as you are with your new home. We are 5 loan officers that are here to make a difference. We have taken out the overhead and provide extremely low rates with a paperless environment. Go Green. Go ADR!