Get a free mortgage econsult. Simply send us an email at and we'll quote you a rate.

We find it insulting to your intelligence when we see lenders and brokers posting fake interest rates. Some even provide fake comparisons to their competitors. Did you know that rates change every minute of the day? How can a lender post pricing then? They can't. It's old. Send us a request for quote and we'll look up that rate at the very minute of the day. Honest. Trustworthy. Respected. Growing. Profitable. American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC - we're here to serve you.

At American Dream Residential - Andy May Group LLC we compete on rate and speed. That's it. Pretty simple. Send us an email and we'll provide you a quote. We only need the following information:

Step 1 - What's your credit score?

Step 2 - What's your Loan to Value and loan size?

Step 3- When are you closing (number of days from today)?

That's it. It's that simple. We'll email you a quote. If we lock you into a rate and we don't offer that rate to you we'll pay you double the difference from the lock. We'll email back a quote to you shortly. Thank you. 

We have never had a better business bureau complaint. Call Andy May at 919 771 3379 if you have any issues with our rapidly growing company. Thank you.


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