It's a great way to pay yourself more. Why not refinance? We saved one client $24,000 a year in payments on a $500k loan. How much will you save? Rates (this is not an offer) were as low as 2.25% on a 30 year fixed with an APR of 2.5%.  Yes, all of you that received that rate - you are WELCOME! Now rates are running around 2.875% on a 30 year fixed with a 3.125% APR. In fact, we did our first over a million dollar loan in a while and the rate was 2.875% with an APR of 3.125% for a 30 year fixed.

Rates change all the time so check in with us for a quick, easy and free rate quote. We may not be the biggest lender but we are the best at low low rates. And we have a super smart staff that will take care of you through the process. Look forward to hearing from you at Select which mortgage loan officer you wish to work with and we'll exceed your expectations. Thank you. Andy May - Founder and Owner

Posted by Andrew Walter May on November 2nd, 2021 8:51 AM

With rates volatile this week, it proves that you need your loan app into and ready to go. Savvy clients know that the market changes every hour. This week we saw rates touch back down near all-time lows (below 2.5% on a 30 year fixed). They've since gone back up by about .25%.

Why does it matter to get the loan application on a refinance in quickly? Simple answer: To catch rates when they hit your number. We can hold the application and wait until you like the rate. This doesn't work everytime - but it gets you closer to an ideal rate. Think about when the stock market falls. Rates generally come down. When that happens, if you have a full loan application waiting in our queue - we can rate lock you and you get the rate you want.

If you have to go through the application process, it can take several hours to a full day. At that point, like this week, rates can easily bounce back and you miss the window. If you are thinking about refinancing, find the company you trust - and put in an application with a reasonable rate that you may be able to obtain. We spoke with a past client this week that was at 3% on a 30 year fixed. We were able to get him 2.5% and save him $1200 a year. It's a smaller loan balance, but that is how to get the rate you want. Be prepared. Be Ready. And work with someone you trust.

Andy May 919 771 3379. MLO 103418; NMLS 88010. 8522 Six Forks Road, Suite 201, Raleigh NC 27615. for a history of the company and loan officers. 

Posted by Andrew Walter May on July 22nd, 2021 11:15 AM

With barely any new appraisers entering this morbidly defective industry, it's no wonder Fannie, Freddie and other government sponsored enterprises are moving to a MATH-BASED-SCIENCE strategy. Goodness, what does that mean? Well in 2002 I presented to Fannie the concept of using an insurance policy to eradicate the defective appraisal industry. Since that time Fannie (and others) have figured out that if the 4 homes surrounding the subject property all sold for more than the subject property, and the homes are identical - maybe, an appraisal isn't required or necessary. 

All lenders do not check to see if the consumer will receive an APPRAISAL WAIVER. If you do receive one (an Appraisal Waiver) you don't have to pay for an appraisal (some lenders substitute a small fee). This saves the consumer between $500 and $750 depending on loan size. We've found that there are certain sweet-spot valuations. For example, if the client has a $2M home and a $200k loan, no need to go over $1M (since just about all over a million homes require an appraisal). 

With the real estate industry red-hot throughout the country many appraisers are simply too busy. Appraisers can try to charge up to $4k more for an appraisal rush - we found someone else in Greensboro, NC that was less expensive. North Carolina is already a buyer beware state, it's harder now for the consumer to understand the market when they have to rely on a lender to do the right thing and not order an appraisal when one isn't required. 

Make sure you ask your lender if they ran the Appraisal Waiver option, as this may cut as much as 3 weeks off your time to close. That saves you potentially thousands of dollars in lower rate lock costs (and helps to eliminate lenders that unscrupulously try to blow your rate lock). Call for more information and advice on how to stay safe in shark-infested waters. 919 771 3379. Disclosure information found at Andy May


Posted by Andrew Walter May on April 14th, 2021 2:49 PM
With interest rates so low (How low are they? See our posts on social media), it's hard to get your hands around purchasing a home. There's a lot to it ( blog shows down payment options and how not to get burned).

Your Realtor is supposed to be your friend. Often times it's simply a contract to them. We had one buyer recently get stuffed into a one week contract. I hate to see that. After a week this client's due diligence and earnest money was to go "hard" (be at risk; after losing your DD and EM a few times, it can hurt).

This person was a first time home buyer and didn't really understand the risks (let alone what due diligence and earnest money are). That's why consumers need to expand beyond the Realtor for advice. Our referred Realtors do not simply toss you over to the in-house "loan officer" (not usually, if ever, licensed).

So what happened next? Well, we immediately had our client cancel the purchase and sales contract and extended the DD and EM periods out to normal. We were able to also get the seller to lower the DD and EM amount (originally 10% of the purchase price! OUCH!) at risk.

As expected, when the appraisal came back substantially light (lower), the client had a decision to make. Negotiate or walk. When this happens usually the seller forces the buyer to lose the difference between the inflated purchase price and the actual appraised value (read: keeps your money and sells to another). In this case we saved the consumer about 5% of the purchase price. The seller and buyer agreed to do this because all of the buyers money wasn't at risk. The buyer could still get their earnest money back and that was a huge savings.

How can you avoid this situation? First, work with honest Realtors. We have been working with Realtors for 15+ years in the Triangle and my top five are:

  1. Irene Higginson - 919 389 7778
  2. Scott Hoyt - 919 208 8368
  3. George Roa - 919 904 6595
  4. Jennifer Belward - 203 216 3990
  5. Robert Terry 919 810 3912

All five avoid the in-house loan officer like an unlicensed plague. All five find the best products and services for you, so you don't get stuck in a terrible situation. And I've proudly referred them to many clients.

When looking for a Realtor select one of these five and tell them Andy May sent you. They will honor your business and help you for many years to come.

ADR offers substantial savings to all Purchase and Refinance Clients. Call Andy May for a rate quote and see how much you will save with our special finance rates. It only takes 5 minutes to fill out a loan application at

919 771 3379
This is not an offer. Relevant disclosures and licensing found at:
Posted by Andrew Walter May on February 9th, 2021 2:42 PM

We are substantially less expensive than the banks and credit unions. Call us for a 1 minute discussion about how low your rate can go. We pride ourselves on ZERO BBB Complaints and taking care of clients like family. Thank you for making's 2020 year our second best year in 15+ years. 

Posted by Andrew Walter May on January 5th, 2021 12:49 PM is focused on speed and super-low rates. We also have had 15+ years of ZERO BBB Complaints and December 2020 has proven to be our best month ever - with close to $8M in loans. Not bad for a small home-town mortgage company. Why do people choose over the big banks? Read our reviews on google. Basically, it's simple. Better customer service from a staff of trained, licensed and well educated/informed professionals - at a lower rate. It's that simple. Honesty, integrity and transparency are the way we've always run our company. We look forward to serving you. 919 771 3379. Andy May MLO 103418. NMLS 88010.

Posted by Andrew Walter May on December 21st, 2020 10:42 AM ( provides residential mortgages to the military (VA), conforming (Fannie/Freddie), and jumbo borrowers, as well as FHA and USDA residential borrowers. For 15+ years, since its inception, the company has been trusted to be transparent, be extraordinary in rates and costs, and most importantly, to be the consumer's fiduciary throughout the mortgage process.

This month begins its' 14th year of serving the North Carolina and Virginia markets without a single BBB complaint. In the mortgage industry, this is unheard of. How does do it? According to Andy May, owner, and licensed loan officer, "We simply do the right thing every single time. If it costs us more, that's fine. We respect our customers by not wasting their time and by telling our customers exactly what to expect every step of the way". 

A small family mortgage business can run with this intensity, trust, values, and transparency. Afterall, all 30 years fixed mortgages go to the US Government. The consumer needs the best cost proposition, which often times is not the bank or in-house unlicensed loan officer. Larger companies somehow lose the respect for the customer that is required, don't educate the people that work for them, and avoid the state laws and regulations by not getting a mortgage license in the state in which the entity operates. 

For a simple and easy discussion with no obligation, is happy to discuss financing needs and explain the process in transparent terms. Most clients spend under 10 minutes on the phone with and come away feeling a breath of fresh air, and 30+ years of mortgage experience for company loan officers. Trust, integrity, transparency, and most importantly, 13+ years of no BBB complaints making sure the consumer is happy with the process. That's what stands for. 

If the Real Estate Agent recommends an in-house person, give us a call and within minutes the consumer will see clearly why has the best price and service. "At we don't have clandestine deals with Realtors that cost the consumer a heck of a lot more". is owned by Andy May Group, LLC, and is a state-licensed mortgage company in North Carolina and Virginia since 2005 (NMLS #88010, MLO #103418). Since 2005 the company has received Zero BBB complaints and treats customers as family. Family owned and operated from Raleigh, North Carolina the company serves military (VA mortgages), Jumbo, conventional, FHA, USDA and other families looking to obtain the lowest financing costs available. competes on rate and service and is located at 8522 Six Forks Road, Suite 201, Raleigh, North Carolina 27615. Andy May may be reached at 919 771 3379.
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Posted by Andrew Walter May on August 24th, 2020 4:12 PM

1. Broker is a fiduciary (means they have to look out for your best interests);

2. Broker is a licensed loans officer and not someone with simply an NMLS ID. This is important, as banks are only required to have someone be 18 years old (they can even live outside the country).

3. Broker shops myriad (we shop about 8 companies) lenders, some are only good at VA loans, or FHA, or Fannie, or Jumbo. We shop companies and try to find the best deal we can - for you. Bank - usually offers one set of products. Credit unions usually out-source the 30 year fixed to brokers (think higher rates).

4. Brokers can tell you which lenders are "full" and are extremely slow. Some of the bigger banks can take up to 180 days to close your loan. That means you'll lose that rate-lock and you'll get a new rate. Brokers are a lot more transparent.

5. At we still have ZERO BBB complaints ever to date through the writing of this BLOG. We had one competitor get angry about this great reputation and they had someone call us (they didn't leave a name, number or email). They said they couldn't reach us, and that's our only complaint on the internet in the last 15+ years (someone, we don't know who - couldn't reach us, one time). So, with a locally owned mortgage company we take serving you as family seriously. Publicly traded banks with tens of thousands of employees usually can't match that. is your best option for cashout refinancing. We have ZERO BBB complaints ever to date. We recently (April 2020) closed a client at a rate of 3% (APR 3.2%). We treat you with respect and operate in Virginia and North Carolina. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working mortgage company that doesn't take advantage of the rate situation please give us a call. 

Andrew May


Andy May Group, LLC
919.771.3379 |

8522 Six Forks Road, Suite 201, Raleigh, NC 27615

Equal Housing Opportunity

Company NMLS: 88010 | Individual NMLS: MLO 103418

Zero BBB Complaints ever-to-date (15+ years).

Loans subject to approval.

Posted by Andrew Walter May on July 14th, 2020 3:25 PM

When I hear about these One-Stop shopping services it makes me cringe. Homeowners Insurance, title insurance, real estate sales, mortgage, life insurance, credit cards. Why not just get it all with one phone call. Simple answer. It costs about double when you get this wonderful "convenience" and it takes the same amount of time. It's just like when you sell your home to one of these companies (and there are dozens of them now) that promise to purchase your home for a fixed price. Then you find out why they do it. They make a ton from your thought that you are saving time. Simply lower your asking price on your property by $100k and you'll sell fast. When it's too good to be true, it is. Call at 919 771 3379 for quick and easy answers to your questions. 

Posted by Andrew Walter May on January 24th, 2020 4:27 PM

Just locked someone at a combined first and second rate of 4.03%....into a jumbo size combined mortgage. Both loans are fixed.  APR is under 4.75%. The first is $510,400 and the second is $48,000. Working with professional loan officers makes a real difference. We believe we saved this customer about $4,000 per year. Plus with credit repair we saved another $8k. Customers love Call us anytime 919 771 3379. 15+ years of ZERO BBB complaints.

Posted by Andrew Walter May on January 24th, 2020 4:15 PM


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