Simply put, rates are all-time lows. Call us for a quick rate quote. We blow everyone else away on great rates. 919 771 3379. Andy May

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When I hear about these One-Stop shopping services it makes me cringe. Homeowners Insurance, title insurance, real estate sales, mortgage, life insurance, credit cards. Why not just get it all with one phone call. Simple answer. It costs about double when you get this wonderful "convenience" and it takes the same amount of time. It's just like when you sell your home to one of these companies (and there are dozens of them now) that promise to purchase your home for a fixed price. Then you find out why they do it. They make a ton from your thought that you are saving time. Simply lower your asking price on your property by $100k and you'll sell fast. When it's too good to be true, it is. Call at 919 771 3379 for quick and easy answers to your questions. 

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Just locked someone at a combined first and second rate of 4.03%....into a jumbo size combined mortgage. Both loans are fixed.  APR is under 4.75%. The first is $510,400 and the second is $48,000. Working with professional loan officers makes a real difference. We believe we saved this customer about $4,000 per year. Plus with credit repair we saved another $8k. Customers love Call us anytime 919 771 3379. 15+ years of ZERO BBB complaints.

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Last month was a good month for clients. Rates were as low as 3.25% (APR of 3.42%) on a cashout refinance and 3.5% (APR of 4.25%) on an FHA purchase. 30 year fixed of course, with rates this low the Adjustable Rate Market is actually higher. Contact ADRMortgage loan officers for a hassle free quote. Thank you for your business as we enter our 16th calendar year of no BBB complaints. February 2020 marks our 16th fiscal year of no BBB complaints ever. 

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Many investors guarantee free float-downs on rates. While these guarantees exist, they rarely are implemented (it's shady). We recently locked and closed two consumers at 3.625% (rates vary depending on borrower profile). Both were closed within the 45 day window of rate locking. At we also have a RapidRefi program that helps lock in the rate you want. If you are at 4.25% and want to lock at 3.5% - we can show you how. Call us to better understand what's real and what's fiction in the mortgage industry.

Also, SOFR is replacing LIBOR - SOFR is a synthetic treasury index that is harder for banks to manipulate. That's why LIBOR is no longer going to be used for mortgage ARMs (adjustables). The short term over-night market blew up this week, and the Feds pumped $90 billion to prop up this market (which is to say, investors hate uncertainty - and rates go up when there's uncertainty).

Longer term rates have risen by about 1/8th of a point over the last 30 days. I expect them to come back down another .25%. That equates to about 3.5% on a 30 year fixed with 25% down payment and excellent credit. All borrowers are priced according to their individual financial profile so these rates may become available in the fourth quarter. If you are waiting for these rates I suggest you have your application in (no charges from ADRMortgage unless we close you: You will have to pay for third party services such as an appraisal, if necessary). To give you perspective on rates - the 30 year fixed hit 3.25% as the lowest locked mortgage rate ADRMortgage ever did. Consumers sitting on the fence may be disappointed if rates track north next year.

Posted by Andrew Walter May on September 25th, 2019 6:56 PM

All 30 year fixed loans in the USA go to the federal government or require 100% capital support (meaning that the lender loses money on originating 30 year mortgages, which banks won't do). The consumer's goal is to deliver loans to the federal government through the least expensive channel found. That's where comes in. With low overhead, is the consumer's optimal option to achieve the best mortgage rates and service.

Here, develops a short and easy to understand down payment profile for each loan program. 

1. Fannie Mae - 3% down payment (times purchase price);

2. FHA - 3.5% down payment;

3. USDA and VA - 0% down payment.

In addition to the above down payments, consumers will be required to meet many other underwriting conditions. For example, most loans require at least 2 months of PITI (monthly payment if principal, interest, taxes and insurance) in reserves (checking account). For more information about qualifying for loans contact Andy May 919 771 3379 for a quick and simple conversation. NMLS 88010. NLMS LO 103418. Equal Opportunity Housing. Zero BBB complaints since 2005. Not one.

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Our track record of nearly 15 years without a BBB complaint is a start. Layer in the fact that we compete on rate and speed, only hire licensed loan officers (most companies don't), and care about your happiness confirms why you should choose ADR, your hometown mortgage broker. NMLS 88010.
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Don't be fooled by fake rates. Many companies advertise rates. All companies don't give you the rates they advertise everytime.

At a quick email, text or call gives you the ammo you need to know what your rate will be. The mortgage process has gotten complicated over the last 10 years....banks aren't regulated by states and customer may wind up paying tens of thousands more at the closing table when using a bank.

I just had a customer go with a Kentucky bank. At the closing his payment was $1600 higher then he expected and he paid a ton more. Work with a company that has ZERO BBB complaints ever to date (nearly 15 years). Call Andy May 919 771 3379

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Posted by Andrew Walter May on June 24th, 2019 3:57 PM

Well that was a quick drop in rates. We locked someone at 3.75% and another at 4% in the last few weeks. The best way to get a great rate is to start your app with us, and have most of the documentation lined up. Then hang out until rates drop again, which they will. The worst way to do it is to believe a California Bank that you can get a rate that's 1% less then reality.

But some consumers don't have the experience to understand that these fake rates are non-existent. That's how people learn. I can't tell you how many clients ask if they'll be charged an extra $10k at the closing for the rate. We are regulated by the States of NC and VA and we can't behave like that (banks are not regulated for mortgages by the State in which you live). Nearly all credit unions don't offer 30 year fixed rates directly and subcontract that product out to brokers (which we are).

Call us and we'll get your app started. You tell us the rate you want and we'll hang out and wait for rates to drop. Then we'll lock you in and you'll get the rate you want. 919 771 3379. Andy May.

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Posted by Andrew Walter May on April 18th, 2019 11:50 AM

Just a reminder that rates typically edge up in the Spring and go down in Winter. We just locked 4.375% on a 30 year fixed (this is not an offer). This is still higher then the 3.25% 30 year fixed we locked someone into back about 5 years, but it's also lower then the near 5% rates we saw last year (for a 30 year fixed).

Remember, new HELOCs are no longer tax deductible. But cashout refinances are more then likely (depending on your tax status). does cashout refinances. Rates are generally about 5/100ths of 1% higher for a cashout refinance. Gone are the days of high cost cash outs. HELOCs are now about 2% higher then standard 30 year fixed rates.

Call us to do a general home mortgage checkup. We're here to help, with zero BBB complaints ever to date and counting.

Andy May 919 771 3379

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Posted by Andrew Walter May on March 7th, 2019 11:51 AM


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