At (American Dream  Residential) we shop many investors. All loans (30 year fixed) go to the federal government. All loans. There is a requirement that if an investor puts a 30 year fixed rate on their balance sheet that they hold 100% capital against the risk. And over 30 years at a 3% coupon (3.2% APR) - that's quite a risk. The consumer's goal should be to go to a reliable source to get the lowest rate they can find. That's where comes in. We've been in NC/VA for over 15 years without a single BBB Complaint. We compete on Rate. We have a professional processor work the roughly 400+ pages of documents that are now necessary to close a federal government loan (Fannie/Freddie, VA, USDA, or FHA). 

With that said, some lenders have imploded this year. When the federal government entered the bond market and bought copious amounts of debt, many banks were in a world of hurt. One of the largest had to lay off their staff and stop doing business. Others, stopped doing certain loan programs. That's why a broker is so important. We can shop on your behalf to find the investors that are still in the market with great rates. And that's not like the bogus lead generators that say they'll let banks compete....and then sell you as a lead. That's what we do. We try to serve you by shopping for the best 30 year fixed rates. And we have some awesome investors.

Call us for a hassle free conversation and ask about our Rapid Refi program. We take pride in serving you, and it shows. Andy May 919 771 3379. NMLS 88010 MLO 103418. We are licensed, these are not just registration numbers like you find at many banks. Make sure you are working with a trusted licensed loan officer.  Accept no excuses (registration is not a license). 

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Posted by Andrew Walter May on May 1st, 2020 4:55 PM


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