Bank Vs. Broker? What's the difference: BROKERS ARE BETTER!

July 14th, 2020 3:25 PM by Andrew Walter May CEO

1. Broker is a fiduciary (means they have to look out for your best interests);

2. Broker is a licensed loans officer and not someone with simply an NMLS ID. This is important, as banks are only required to have someone be 18 years old (they can even live outside the country).

3. Broker shops myriad (we shop about 8 companies) lenders, some are only good at VA loans, or FHA, or Fannie, or Jumbo. We shop companies and try to find the best deal we can - for you. Bank - usually offers one set of products. Credit unions usually out-source the 30 year fixed to brokers (think higher rates).

4. Brokers can tell you which lenders are "full" and are extremely slow. Some of the bigger banks can take up to 180 days to close your loan. That means you'll lose that rate-lock and you'll get a new rate. Brokers are a lot more transparent.

5. At we still have ZERO BBB complaints ever to date through the writing of this BLOG. We had one competitor get angry about this great reputation and they had someone call us (they didn't leave a name, number or email). They said they couldn't reach us, and that's our only complaint on the internet in the last 15+ years (someone, we don't know who - couldn't reach us, one time). So, with a locally owned mortgage company we take serving you as family seriously. Publicly traded banks with tens of thousands of employees usually can't match that. is your best option for cashout refinancing. We have ZERO BBB complaints ever to date. We recently (April 2020) closed a client at a rate of 3% (APR 3.2%). We treat you with respect and operate in Virginia and North Carolina. If you are looking for an honest, hard-working mortgage company that doesn't take advantage of the rate situation please give us a call. 

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Zero BBB Complaints ever-to-date (15+ years).

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Posted by Andrew Walter May CEO on July 14th, 2020 3:25 PM


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