CAM Raleigh Beer Garden opens June 5th 2014

June 13th, 2014 8:21 AM by Andrew Walter May CEO

Raleigh, North Carolina (

As many readers have seen, supports many local charities. While we aren't IBM (a great company that makes massive donations to charities), we do try to make a difference. 

Please join CAM Raleigh as our newest innovative art takes form. For more information please go to

CAM Raleigh is a cool place to be. Many readers have asked that I post some pictures from the most successful CAM Raleigh fund raiser ever (we netted almost $100,000 last month). I've attached one that shows a seafood station. The pink slabs on the right of this picture are actually made of salt. I recently read the book, Salt, and highly recommend it. This is the color that salt used to be prior to the 1600s when humans were sold on purity - and the "dirt" was removed for what we have now - white salt.

Interestingly, salt was mined in upstate New York, near Buffalo for many many years through the mid 1800s. Then, the largest U.S. deposits of pure salt were discovered. Where? Take a guess. Under the city of Detroit. If you have have a chance to visit Detroit, take the tour. Let me know what you think and send pictures. I haven't seen the tour yet.

Remember, regardless of the organization you support - everyone counts. CAM Raleigh is only $50 a year to join. 
Andy May

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Posted by Andrew Walter May CEO on June 13th, 2014 8:21 AM


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