Save thousands on your home energy costs this summer 2013

May 7th, 2013 9:03 AM by Andrew Walter May

Save Thousands in Home Energy Costs in 2013, Explained by Andy May, the Mortgage Expert, and Sid Moye of Energy Control Applications, Inc. Go Green, Go

High energy bills and summer time go hand-in-hand. With mortgage expert Andy May and Sid Moye the Energy expert, savings of thousands of dollars may be in the cards for 2013.

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) May 07, 2013

Save thousands on Home Energy Costs this summer, 2013. Average monthly energy bills can eat away at income like termites in wood, and can drive one to perspire in the Raleigh summer heat. Why waste money? Why throw cash out the window? offers an incentive to become "Green". Call us to find out why Sid Moye (919 676 1131) and Energy Control Applications can save money this summer. Or call Kay Lavelle at 919 291 7446 for the ultimate in a Green Realtor.

Here's what Sid did for Andy May:

With a larger than average home in the Triangle, Andy May puts his money where his mouth is. supports the Green movement by not burning up the world with a bank on every corner (and yes, ADR doesn't charge to support those 10,000 bank branches). Put Andy May and together and a story of a senior retail loan officer that has personally saved over $25,000 in energy costs emerges.

Andy May purchased his home in 2006 and installed Sid Moye's Energy Control system in his primary residence. Expected energy costs for a home of this size (think upstairs and downstairs units, 3 HVAC systems, electric heat-pump, electric water heater, electric clothes dryer, you get the picture) is normally about $600 a month (on a good day during the summer). Mix in three teenage daughters and a recipe for high energy bills spikes through.

Enter stage-right Sid Moye of Energy Control Applications, Inc. The System was installed in 2006; Last 12 months usage average kWh/day of 66.70 and 69.48 kWh/day usage from 2 years ago (remember, 6 years of savings total). The cost per kWh between these two years averaged 8.31 cents to 8.74 cents.

What does that mean? For a 7,000 square foot home in the Triangle, Andy May paid $177 a month 2 years ago and $176 a month last year (on average). Wow. What does your energy bill cost? Even if renting a small home, that bill is tough to be beat!

With Pat McCrory, formerly a Duke Energy employee, and now governor leading the charge for North Carolinian's, is it any wonder that Duke Energy proposed an 11.8% rate hike for residential customers in North Carolina? According to John Downey, senior staff writer of the Charlotte Business Journal, 2/4/2013 article, that's an extra $446 million taken from North Carolinians. It's hard to be the number one relocation state in the nation when electricity costs are sky rocketing in North Carolina. Lower energy costs are hard to find, let Sid Moye work toward keeping energy costs lower.

Kay Lavelle said, "When I first started recommending Sid Moye my friends and family were incredulous at the savings potential. Now, I've got people I know that are saving real money. As a Realtor, I love to help people. Saving money on energy costs is just another great way I show that I take care of the details."

Call Andy May at at 919 771 3379 to find out more about our unique offer to help our clients turn Green with or call Sid Moye at 919 676 1131 to install this unique money saving system. Andy May is a licensed Loan Officer 103418 and 88010 corporate NMLS ID.

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Posted by Andrew Walter May on May 7th, 2013 9:03 AM


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